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After a thorough study of the sciences: Traditional Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Astrology (BaZi – The 4 Pillars of Destiny), and Divination I Ching, I decided it was time to share with you this wonderful knowledge, which will surely have an impact especially on your life and will help you find answers to many questions.

As each of us goes through more complicated life situations and tries to solve problems, look for answers, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Chinese Astrology, Traditional Feng Shui, and Divination I Ching. These high-value sciences helped me find answers to all my questions along the way. As I have always been fascinated by these sciences and wanted to know as much as possible and deepen my knowledge in this field. Unfortunately, however, I was struck by commercial information, which filled my mind and soul for nothing.

First of all, I was fascinated by the accuracy with which certain things were revealed and later confirmed. I applied the information from Feng Shui, Astrology, and Division I Ching in my personal life and I found that things are starting to take shape and contour, and were headed in the direction I have always wanted.

I then proceeded to the analysis of the 4 Pillars of Destiny and to the Feng Shui analysis of the living or working space of those close to me. With every analysis I made I was confirmed that all these newly learned things are wonderful sciences, which could have the potential of taking us where we want, thus changing our lives for the better and showing us that dreams do come true!


Valentina Vînătoru, MASTER of Feng Shui and TRAINER specialized in CHINESE METAPHYSICS

“Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics generally do not belong to anyone. They are for everyone and of everyone. They are for those who seek and want to find. They are the legacy of a nation over 5,000 years old and with a historical past full of dynasties. In this case – destiny allowing me through its grace to study these – can I say that I own them? Can I say that I inherit true art in its purest form? That is why it is perhaps the only field from which unnecessary disputes and competitions should disappear spontaneously. After all, everyone who knows the flow of Qi works for the benefit of mankind. Feng Shui is not mine nor yours… It is of the “supreme good” and that’s it. It is a legacy and a gift… instead of punching each other in the chest and wasting time proving that we are the best and that only we are right, and the neighbor is not, we better take Luo Pan in hand and – we would start working and helping because only in this way will we truly measure our goodness. Of course, there are more “schools” and of course, there are more orientations in this field (as in any other) some older, traditional, classic, others newer, avant-garde or combined, but not even me, at my age, I do not have the right to judge them… I may or may not agree… it is my right practice I practically learned what I learned from my Teachers, and whoever wants to practice something else, to do it as long as the goal is to help their peers. Instead of screaming in my lungs why and how and when others are wrong, I prefer that I do well with what I know… So get to work! Really grasp the wisdom of Qi and see your way! That way you win any fight before it starts!”

The Great Master YAP CHENG HAI

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The products and packages of consulting, counseling and training services that we offer, we want to be accessible, simple and clear, spoken in a language that does not scare and that encourages those with whom we collaborate to be authentic and spontaneous.

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No matter what you want in life, they all have a starting point and a course of inner-outer change. Choose what idea you will develop with me for your future.

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Establish a concrete and flexible time, regardless of location and time for your development.

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All the possibilities for your development regardless of the payment options. We have offers accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

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